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How To Sell E-commerce SEO Services To Maximize Revenue In 2023

To maximize business profit, making an effective landing homepage should be your first action. So, make sure you address all of the perks of the services you are offering. It’s vital to ensure that your homepage influences people optimally. 

To increase sales, begin by offering a promotional discount to your present customers. After they engage for a specified duration, you may eventually sign them up for a greater commitment.

Additionally, you may advertise stand-alone specific services and incorporate them into your present listing of services. Approaching your current consumers for recommendations is frequently a good idea. 

What are E-commerce SEO Services?

E-commerce SEO mostly entails a set of strategies used to promote an online business faster on search engines like Google. Without a shadow of a doubt, all e-commerce companies need to have a website. 

The 10 Most Popular Ecommerce SEO Services That You Can Sell

1. Ecommerce Keyword Research

Your website’s rating depends unquestionably more on keywords than any other factor. The words relevant to e-commerce that your primary audience explores on Google may be obtained by using keyword research tools.

2. Technical SEO Analysis

In order to get insight into your website’s optimization, a website analysis entails a thorough assessment of it. It goes without saying that your e-commerce SEO service provider has to be aware of how your website has been customized up until this point in order to rank it.

3. Complete E-Commerce SEO Audit

The technological foundation of a website is scrutinized throughout an SEO audit. To boost your e-commerce website’s rating on search engines, it consists of both on-page and off-page components.

4. E-commerce Content Strategy

Your e-commerce website can stand apart from its competitors if your content strategy is implemented correctly. Your e-commerce B2B SEO services provider will do research to determine how your target audience consumes material in order to develop a successful content strategy.

5. Internal Link Building

It is the process of adding links to different web pages on the same domain. They are essential since they aid Google in understanding your website and its contents. 

6. Conversion Rate Optimization

The meticulous process of boosting the proportion of conversions on your e-commerce website is known as conversion rate optimization or CRO. This can help you magnify your reach immensely. 

7. External Link Building

External links also referred to as outbound links, are hyperlinks that send you to pages on some other websites, in contrast to internal links, which take you to another page on the same website.

8. SEO Reporting & E-commerce Focused Stats

The effectiveness of various e-commerce SEO techniques is shown via SEO reports, as the name implies. By providing you with an overview, they help you better organize your SEO strategy by letting you know which services are focused on producing results.

9. On-Page SEO Implementation

The on-page SEO implementation often refers to the strategies and techniques that you can apply to improve your chances of ranking high. Its main goal is to improve individual web pages on your website and drive more targeted traffic to your website.

10. Off-Page SEO Implementation

All the measures you take away from your e-commerce website to improve its ranking are often termed as off-page SEO implementation. External link building, guest posting, social media posting, and many more techniques can be used for this purpose. 

Advantages of Selling Ecommerce SEO Services

1. Recurring Income

You may earn recurring revenue by providing SEO services for e-commerce websites, which is one of the main benefits. You’ll be able to regularly make more money if you commit a customer to a long-term recurring contract.

Expand Your Business

You can eventually focus on increasing your firm by providing SEO services for e-commerce. It’s an excellent technique to quickly grow your brand while retaining high profitability.

3. Communicate and Review Services with Your Clients

Selling e-commerce SEO services has the additional wonderful benefit of enabling you to meet with your clients once a month or so to go over their needs.


SEO may benefit almost every firm, regardless of the industry. E-commerce is a developing industry, and for the time being, everyone is hopping on board, as seen by the daily emergence of new businesses. So it stands to reason that if you want to succeed in this field, you must continually upgrade and enhance your service stack.

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